Monday, February 27, 2012

Jacob Zuma sings kill the Boer

Ever wondered, whether Julius Malema singing kill the boer or shoot the boer is an exception within the ANC?!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Murder at Terre Blanche South Africa's right-wing extremists warn World Cup participation

Slain: Eugene Terre Blanche

South Africa fears new race conflicts: After the murder of right-wing
extremists Terre Blanche his followers speak of a "declaration of war"
of the blacks against the whites and warned: The teams from around the
world would go to the World Cup finals in "a country of murderers."
President Zuma calls for calm.
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After the murder of the white right-wing extremist Eugene Terre
Blanche, South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, the political leaders in
the country to a sense of responsibility and unity has called. "We
have to show us, in our explanations of all responsible for a country
that works hard for reconciliation," Zuma said on Sunday evening in a
televised address. Everyone should consider it carefully before it is
in the public in a manner outside, which runs counter to efforts to
rebuild the country.

Right-wing extremists in South Africa, meanwhile, warned against
participating in the soccer World Cup in June and July.

The murder of Terre Blanche was a "declaration of war" of the blacks
against the whites, said on Sunday in Ventersdorp (Northwest Province)
Andre Visagie of the African Resistance Movement AWB. Terre Blanche
was the leader of the radical right-wing organization. The teams from
around the world would go to the World Cup finals in "a country of
murderers," said Visagie.

Zuma: "No one may take the law into his hands"

President Zuma had warned a few hours after the crime against a new
breed hatred. "The terrible act" should not be misused to "incite
racial hatred or fueling," said the leader of the African National
Congress (ANC). "No one may take the law into his hands," the
president said in a clear effort to relax to ten weeks before the
World Cup in South Africa the situation. The ANC emerged from the
black liberation movement, condemned the murder "in the strongest

The leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), Hellen Zille,
said that the murder would exacerbate an already tense situation in
South Africa. "We must now do more than ever, the racial polarization
resistance," said the Premier of Western Cape Province. They sharply
criticized "hate speech" in particular the Left and the youth wing of
the ruling party ANC.

Murder because of disputes over wages

Terre Blanche was killed on Saturday at his farm near Ventersdorp
west of Johannesburg, police said two black workers with a machete and
a baton. The leader of the extreme right-wing South African Boer
movement "Weerstandsbeweging Africans" (AWB) and the two young men
between the ages of 15 and 21 years found themselves in the words of
police spokeswoman Adele Myburgh because of an allegedly paid wages in
dispute. The workers themselves had the South African television,
according to police itself informed by telephone of the deed. It was
unclear whether Terre Blanche lived at this time. Those arrested on
Tuesday a court should be presented. They threatened prosecution for

The AWB Terre Blanche accused the General of the ANC Youth
Organization, Julius Malema, to be responsible for his "hate campaign"
against the Boers for the murder and announced, according to the SAPA
news agency "revenge" on. At a press conference on Sunday AWB
representatives cautioned, however, the members of the extreme
organization for "prudence".

The right-wing writer and activist Dan Roodt Boer accused the ANC
Zuma, "a climate of hate to have created against the Boers." The
murder of Terre Blanche was only the last act in a long series of
murders, rapes and attacks, in which the victims were Boers. The
Freedom Front Plus party little warning of an "explosive situation" in
South Africa after the violent death of right-wing leader.

Terre Blanche was well after the abolition of apartheid in 1994 a
strong supporter of racial segregation in South Africa. In several of
his organization AWB slightly modified Nazi symbols were used. The
heavyweight, bearded radical leaders had been convicted several times
for militant actions and violence against blacks. From 2001 to 2004 he
was serving a prison sentence. In the recent past and Terre Blanche
AWB had occurred rarely in public. The "Weekend Argus" reported,
citing his family, Terre Blanche had after the prison term "completely
changed" and had become a "born-again Christian" peaceful.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eugene TerreBlanche Trial

To follow up on the Eugene TerreBlanche trial, please visit here.

In verband met die moord op Eugene Terreblanche gaan daar 'n hofsaak wees. Die Eugene TerreBlanche hofsaak sal dop gehou word.

Eugene Terre Blanche se Biografie

As jy meer wil uitvind oor die lewe van Eugene Terre Blanche, Dan besoek Eugene TerreBlanche biografie hier.

For those interested into the biography of Eugene TerreBlanche pay a visit at the mentioned site.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dwaalster deur Eugène Terre'Blanche


deur Eugène Terre'Blanche

Tussen volmaakte sterre
Hang ’n goudkleur maan
En ek grawe na herinneringe diep gebore
Na die dwaalster se ontstaan
In watter vreemde nag
Het die skitter ster uit sy baan
Met groter glimkrag
Sy eie koers gegaan
Dwarsoor die melkweg se wit
Het hy gillend en glimmend gegly
In sy afdraande rit
By planete en sterre verby
Op die rand van die afgrond
Het Hy gestaan
Met hande deur spykers verwond
                                                      En Hy gryp my, want ek wou saam

Eugene TerreBlanche paid for domestic workers funeral.

As Eugene Terre'Blanche's alleged killers are due to appear in court today, it has emerged that the AWB leader's decision to pay for his domestic worker's funeral could have led to his murder.

A week before he was bludgeoned to death, Terre'Blanche's domestic worker of 20 years died and he paid a sum of R7 000 to a local funeral parlour towards the burial of Rose Matheu (Rosie Nsako?).

Members of the AWB claim Matheu was killed because she had uncovered a plot to kill their leader, and they want her body exhumed.

But her family said she died of natural causes at Tshepong Hospital in Klerksdorp on March 29.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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