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Dwaalster deur Eugène Terre'Blanche


deur Eugène Terre'Blanche

Tussen volmaakte sterre
Hang ’n goudkleur maan
En ek grawe na herinneringe diep gebore
Na die dwaalster se ontstaan
In watter vreemde nag
Het die skitter ster uit sy baan
Met groter glimkrag
Sy eie koers gegaan
Dwarsoor die melkweg se wit
Het hy gillend en glimmend gegly
In sy afdraande rit
By planete en sterre verby
Op die rand van die afgrond
Het Hy gestaan
Met hande deur spykers verwond
                                                      En Hy gryp my, want ek wou saam

Eugene TerreBlanche paid for domestic workers funeral.

As Eugene Terre'Blanche's alleged killers are due to appear in court today, it has emerged that the AWB leader's decision to pay for his domestic worker's funeral could have led to his murder.

A week before he was bludgeoned to death, Terre'Blanche's domestic worker of 20 years died and he paid a sum of R7 000 to a local funeral parlour towards the burial of Rose Matheu (Rosie Nsako?).

Members of the AWB claim Matheu was killed because she had uncovered a plot to kill their leader, and they want her body exhumed.

But her family said she died of natural causes at Tshepong Hospital in Klerksdorp on March 29.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Link to Eugene TerreBlanche

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Eugene TerreBlanche Rosie Nsako

Eugene TerreBlanche and the death of Rosie Nsako who worked for the TerreBlanches all her life.

IN ANOTHER bizarre twist to the Eugene Terre’Blanche murder the nephew of the slain AWB leader now alleges that the family’s domestic worker had earlier been killed after she allegedly uncovered a plot to have his uncle killed.

Andre Nienaber, who is married to the daughter of Andries Terre’Blanche, a brother of the murdered AWB leader, yesterday also dismissed allegations linking his uncle’s death to a homosexual crime.

“This is just another opportunity to crucify Eugene,” said Nienaber, who acts as spokesperson for the Terre’Blanche family.

Nienaber maintains his uncle’s death was planned.

He alleged that the domestic worker of the Terre’Blanche family, who died on March29, was killed because she had information about a plot to have Terre’Blanche murdered.

The worker, Rosie Nsako, who was buried last Thursday, a day before her employer’s funeral, was employed by the family all her working life....more

Eugene TerreBlanche crime scene

By Angelique Serrao and Baldwin Ndaba

The Eugene Terre'Blanche murder crime scene was botched. This is the view of a leading private forensic investigator after an AWB leader, Andre Visagie, confirmed he had personally removed the mattress and pillow from the bed on which Terre'Blanche's body was found.

This follows The Star discovering a human tooth two days after the murder was committed and a day after the house was handed back to the family.

In the following days, the scene became a bit of a tourist attraction, with a number of people walking around the house gawking at the blood and "bits of brain" that were splattered around the more

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Black man about Eugene Terre'Blanche

very interesting interview with a Black man at the funeral service of Eugene TerreBlanche

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smeerveldtog teen Terre'Blanche Saturday Star

Die Saturday Star het verspry dat die polisie 'n gebruikte kondom op die toneel gekry is en dat Eugene Terre'Blanche 'n homoseksuele verhouding met sy werkers gehad het. Dis natuurlik met die doel gedoen om ET se goeie naam weereens sleg te maak.

Police deny condom find at Terre'Blanche crime scene
Gia Nicolaides | 58 Minutes Ago

Police on Saturday denied claims that a used condom was found in the room where AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was murdered. The Saturday Star newspaper said police leaked information about the used condom found at the crime scene. The paper also said Terre`Blanche may have had a homosexual relationship with one of the two suspects accused of killing him.

Terre'Blanche's bloodied body was found slumped on his bed with his pants down.

The lawyers of the 27 and 15-year-old suspects are expected to present this as evidence when they apply for bail next week. But the police's Adele Myburgh said the information published in the paper on Saturday morning is false.

"I can say with 100 percent certainty that there was no condom found at the crime scene of the late Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche. This information was not leaked by police," she said.

Om die verkope te beinvloed gaan moeilik wees, om rede dit 'n kitsbesluit is om die koerant te koop. Vir adverteerder is dit egte 'n strategiese besluit om in 'n koerant te adverteer. En ek dink dit is vir hulle belangrik om nie met smeerblaaie geassossieer te word nie. Daar is ook baie minder adverteerders as kopers. Dus kan 'n mens maar deur die koerant se advertensies werk en sistematies die adverteerders kontak. Indien hulle nie kooperatief is nie kan daar natuurlik ook iets by die winkels self gebeur wat hulle verkope benadeel.

Ek dink 'n mens moet ook maar die adverteerders nader om nie verder in hierdie soort smeerblaaie te adverteer nie. Hier is byvoorbeeld die kontakbesonderhede van Mokki:,,,,[]=5&action=searchresults

Hier is 'n voorbeeld van 'n brief wat iemand aan hulle geskryf het:

I came across your ad at the bottom of the Saturday Star's front page. The front page story was about the Eugene Terreblanche murder investigation.

I have seldom in my life encountered such a shameless piece of scurrilous, low-down, sick, plumbing-the-bog style reporting as that story. And unfortunately, because of the ad, I will now always associate your company with this, the worst kind of unethical rumor-mongering.



Ek dink as nog 'n paar dit doen sal dit begin om 'n impak te he.

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Eugene TerreBlanche funeral

A picture from the funeral service of Eugene TerreBlanche. There are more pictures as you can imagine.

Eugene Terre'Blanche condom

Some of the smearing press like the Saturday Star has spread the rumor that a used condom had been found at the place of the murder. Now it seems to be all lies and an attempted character assassination. The police has denied any claims of a used condom found at the farm of Eugene Terre'Blanche were he was murdered on Easter Saturday. The exposed genitals are confirmed, but the condom story used to imply a homosexual relationship with the farm workers are obviously lies. We urge our readers to write letters, emails or commentaries condemning those spreading the Eugene TerreBlanche condom rumor as the liars that they are. Bear in mind that this condom rumor was started one day after the funeral of Eugene TerreBlanche. Just shows you how low and lying the South African media is.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gedigte deur Eugene TerreBlanche

VredeGedigte voorgedra deur Eugene Terre Blanche

Victory or Violence AWB

Victory or Violence - The Story of the AWB of South AfricaThe dramatic story of South Africa's far right Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB - Afrikaner Resistance Movement) and its charismatic leader Eugene Terre'Blanche. The AWB was responsible for the most serious campaign of bombing and violence in South Africa. The book was was written by Arthur Kemp.

Eugene Terre'Blanche begrafnis

Eugene Terre'Blanche se begrafnis vind Vrydag om 12h00 in die AP kerk in Ventersdorp plaas. Ek reël busse wat Vrydag oggend van Pretoria af vertrek. Indien jy belangstel om saam te gaan om jou laaste eerbewys aan 'n ware Afrikanerleier en boer te betoon, kontak my by of stuur 'n sms na 0825700184 .

Monday, April 5, 2010

Herinnering aan Eugene Terre Blanche

Hierdie blog is geskep ter Herinnering aan Eugene Terre Blanche leier van die Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB). Verder was Eugene 'n Boer, digter, christen, Vader en Patriot.