Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eugene TerreBlanche Rosie Nsako

Eugene TerreBlanche and the death of Rosie Nsako who worked for the TerreBlanches all her life.

IN ANOTHER bizarre twist to the Eugene Terre’Blanche murder the nephew of the slain AWB leader now alleges that the family’s domestic worker had earlier been killed after she allegedly uncovered a plot to have his uncle killed.

Andre Nienaber, who is married to the daughter of Andries Terre’Blanche, a brother of the murdered AWB leader, yesterday also dismissed allegations linking his uncle’s death to a homosexual crime.

“This is just another opportunity to crucify Eugene,” said Nienaber, who acts as spokesperson for the Terre’Blanche family.

Nienaber maintains his uncle’s death was planned.

He alleged that the domestic worker of the Terre’Blanche family, who died on March29, was killed because she had information about a plot to have Terre’Blanche murdered.

The worker, Rosie Nsako, who was buried last Thursday, a day before her employer’s funeral, was employed by the family all her working life....more

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